PROJECT 1I bought this old shoe cupboard renovated it and removed door panels.

PROJECT 2 SCULPTURE of a letter R--abstract triangles plus double mini sq mirrors form the inner design of the front. 

Here-side panels tape and hold, checking the fit of the back of sculpture before soldering together.

project 3 Frames + jewelry boxes

 I designed panels to echo the shape and  used some clear glass so the textured glass appears to float. It now serves as a towel cupboard in a bathroom.

A more solid R design for the back. 

bespoke -frames for photos or mirrors -various designs.If you are interested, and want information go to contact me for e.mail.

Jewellery boxes-  Individualized designs.

this is the cut glass before copperfoil and solder was applied. 

finished sulpture. special commission

 This sculpture can be used as a vase for dryed flowers

Frame commission-size 30x40cm designed for a communion photograph