medium butterfly.approx size    (18cmx14cm)                                                                 £32 plus postage, in various colours 

 Storks in blue/pink for boy or girl £28 plus postage,includes card,approx size(23cmx15cm

Also with twins and in other colours yellow or green.

mini angels,hanging or brooches with organza bags+mini card approx size-(6cmx4cm)   £10 plus postage (choose your own colours)

celtic crosses large £32+medium £20 plus postage in various colours

 mini celtic symbols, triskel,cross approx size-(8cmx8cm)£10 plus postage

stars in various colours Approx size(9cmx10)   £10 plus postage 

Valentines hearts with organza bags + mini card approx size-(7cmx7cm)£10 plus postage

xmas boot approx size-(14cmx8cm)£12 plus postage 

white, blue+pink doves approx size-(12cmx10cm)£16 plus postage

Christmas Tree                                                £14 plus postage . size approx-9cmx11cm

xmas candle approx size-(15cmx13cm) £16 plus postage 

celtic cross approx size-(20cmx12cm).         £42 plus postage

kingfisher special order approx size-(10cmx12cm) £17 plus postage

medium Angel (approx size 16cmx13cm) £32 plus postage in various colours.halo glass beads. 

Mini Butterflys,various colors approx size 7cmx7cm.£10 plus postage. 

crystalines in various colours,these are one off originals £10 plus postage  If you would like crystalines created in your own colours the style can vary from ones on display.They are  created with crystals + glass.approx size (25cm)  hanging from coloured ribbon.